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Why does life start becoming pathetic when one reaches Teenage?

* Parents think that if their teenage child is kept safe from all sort of evil that revolves around him,he would never get into any sort of evil habits in the future.When a person turns 13,from that day on wards he is a lot more concerned by his parents than he was ever before.        


*The reason why parents start getting strict day by day for their children is that they have already been through all that happens to their child.Their experience is even greater than the age of their children, which the children don’t realize. During this age children become too rude to their parents.When their mother calls them to give her a hug,they reply back with really harsh words that are utterly hurting for her.When father calls his children to spend some time with them, after doing such hard work in the office, the children are not ready to come, which hurts a father too much because everything that he ever did was only for their betterment and not for his own desires or wishes. 

*The biggest mistake that one does during teenage is that he thinks of his parents as his greatest enemies, however they’re not and instead they are his only best friends in the world on who he could trust all the time. Parents are dead honest to their children, the only thing is that they care too much about them. Along with physical growth a child’s maturity grows too. If a person is honest to himself, to his parents and knows what is right or wrong for him,and realizes his limits, believe me no one can ever turn him into a bad person. Children can always use social media, go out for having a fun time with their friends, but the only requirement is to recognize their limits.   


*The teens should somehow convince their parents that they know what they’re doing and they know that what is good or bad for them. Everything takes place on time, so doing things before time and wanting to enjoy the world before time and age is obviously bad for anyone who does so.   

For God’s Sake Change The Way That You Behave With Your Parents, If You Ever Break Their Trust In You, You Are Literally Doomed For Life. Do You Guys Even Know That The Mother That You Are Behaving Harshly With Is The Lady Who Went Through The Greatest Pain While Your Birth. Did You Ever Realize That The Father Whom You Think As Nothing Is That Person Who Devoted His Whole Life Earning Money For You, So That You Remain Happy Forever, Why Can’t He Spent All The Money On Himself To Fulfill ALL His Desires, Why Can’t He spent Those Loads Of Cash That He Spends On You Chilling Out With His Friends, It Is Only Because He Cares About You More Than Anything.